•  High quality steel with gas nitriding + quenching + tempering
  • Dynamic mixing head standard
  • Ceramic heaters( or optionally HF Induction heating
  • Fast change of screw at gear side, no dismantling needed
  • Rigid gear system with AC motors
  • Specially mounted thrust ball bearing for easy maintenance


  • Sattri proprietary electrical heating technology
  • Stainless steel melt pipe
  • Build to respect dwell time and mixing performance

Spin-beams &-packs

  • Electrical heated
  • Standard 140 , round design with bayonet coupling
  • Easy replaceable in minutes by only one operator
  • Any type and form of capillaries available
  • Adaption rings for allocation of other type of spin-packs


  • Completely designed and build by SATTRI
  • PMS Synchronous motor design
  • HF Ferrite Core Induction heating system
  • Stainless steel shelve
  • Rotating temperature sensors
  • wireless signal transmitter
  • Chrome or plasma coated


  • Manual & Split Jet systems
  • 300 to 5000dTx yarn capacity
  • Up to 250°C heating capability 
  • Automatic thread up systems


  • Manual Single yarn winders
  • WD10 up to 1000m/min
  • WD32 up to 3200m/min
  • Friction driven 
  • Traverse cam yarn guiding