SATTRI was founded in 1998 with the ambition to design a successful laboratory line with unprecedented quality, the highest standards and to help our customers productively supply high-quality materials. This foundation has given SATTRI a solid foundation for progress and development during this period. Our continuous main goal is to achieve controlled development year after year, expanding our range in the light of customer interest.

With 30 years of established knowledge and skill into configuration, process technology, custom designed gadgets, fabricating and polymers.

Adaptability is a key strength, with well-spoken and standard establishments gift.

We are based in Belgium since 2020, equipped to ship worldwide and work with assorted societies.

Our customers also reveal to us that much more than just a supplier, they need the partnership of a reliable company to succeed, one with complete insight, capability and a proven history.

Therefore our laboratory lines are designed and built to be stand-alone units, with a plug and play concept. With both before and after sales consultation.

That's why SATTRI is a main provider of best in class fiber melt-spinning laboratory lines for custom made yarns and fiber extrusion technology.

Sattri Europe

Aarschot, Belgium

Sattri Asia Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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